A resident of Austria spoke about the behavior of Ukrainian refugees.

A resident of Austria spoke about the behavior of Ukrainian refugees.

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Residents of Europe do not get tired of complaining about the arrived refugees from Ukraine. According to Patimat, a resident of Austrian Innsbruck, Ukrainians behave as if "everyone owes them now."

According to the latest data, 230,000 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Austria. According to the Austrian, many believe that now everyone should help them.

“A Ukrainian woman came to a Polish woman’s hairdresser and said: “Let’s cut my hair, I won’t pay.” There are such stories, but this is most likely minimal, that is, not all of them are like that, ”the girl told NEWS.ru.

In general, the Austrians are not happy with the influx of refugees. Local residents understand that this is money from their salaries, and the country already has high taxes.

“I myself know that before the Ukrainian refugees, the Austrians did not want others. Compared to Germany, Austria accepts fewer refugees. People are not happy, and so here the prices are going up and the crisis may not be far off due to this situation. Tension grows to some extent,” explained Patimat.

According to her, the Innsbruck authorities sent e-mails to residents with a call for help to Ukrainian refugees, including material. For example, they are asked to place them in their apartments. There are activists in the country, but not everyone wants to help, as many "have their own problems."

She also said that a big campaign against Russia is actively unfolding in Austria. For example, Ukrainian flags and posters were hung on the central street of Innsbruck in support of this country, and local residents are being set up for a certain attitude towards the situation. Patimat also added that there is Russophobia in the country, but these are isolated cases.

“Even the people who went to rallies against mandatory vaccination about three weeks ago were still walking with Russian flags and writing that we would not let us be deceived. They understand that this is another wave of propaganda. Everyone thinks differently,” she said.

According to her, some Europeans, especially Poles, think that Vladimir Putin wants to take over the whole world, "now he will go to Europe." At the same time, Patimat notes that now it has become calmer than at the beginning of the special operation.

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